Wooden Watches Vs Metal Watches

Wooden Watches vs. Metal Watches

A watch is an important accessory. It cannot not only help you complete your look but it can also be very useful in keeping your day in order. With a write watch on your arm at all times, you never have to worry about missing another deadline. There are several types of watches available in the market that can suit your personality and look. For example wooden watches, metal watches, leather strap watches and many more.

Wooden Watches

Wooden watches bring a certain elegance and class to your personality. Wooden watches are LITERALLY unique as no two watches can look alike even if they are made from the wood from the same tree. Wooden watches were introduced a few years back to the modern world and with time many prominent brands have started to offer wooden watches. Unlike metal watches, wooden watches are eco-friendly products. They don’t go through an industrial process to get made. Most of these watches are handcrafted which is why they are usually more expensive than metal watches. Wooden watches offer more material types as compared to metal. There are millions of different types of wood that can be used to manufacture wooden watches. In addition to style and elegance, these watches can also be a great alternative if you suffer from metal allergies. They are also light in weight as compared to metal watches.

Metal Watches

Metal watches are comparatively more common than wooden watches. They look stylish and elegant. Different types of metal like steel and aluminum can be used to create metal straps for watches. Such watches are relatively stronger than wooden or leather strapped watches. For years metal has been the preferred material for watches offered by high end brands like Rolex. One issue with metal watches is that in order to adjust their size, you have to remove a certain number of links from the strap. This can sometimes be a hassle if you are in a hurry. Metal watches absorb more energy than wooden watches so if you are planning to go outside on a hot summer day it’s better to keep your metal watch at home as wearing it might cause your skin to burn. Metal watches are usually silver in color which makes them an ideal accessory to go with all your suits.

On an overall basis, both types of watches have their own unique and exquisite features. At the end of the day, it all depends on your preference and your style for the day. Whether you are looking for wooden watches or metal watches, you can find them both at Ava Mai Jewellery online store. Ava Mai Jewellery store offers excellent products at very reasonable and affordable rates. The store sells watches from different high quality brands so you don’t have to worry about quality while purchasing from Ava Mai. If you have lost your wrist watch or you are looking for a new one to gift a friend just visit www.avamaijewellery.com to check our vast collection of affordable and high quality watches.

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