The History Of Jewellery





The History Of Jewellery


The invention and use of jewellery can be traced back to hundreds and thousands of years. It has been a very important part of all cultures since ancient times. Jewellery might have transformed a lot since its invention but the purpose of wearing and exhibiting jewellery remains the same. Jewellery was considered as a symbol of status, wealth and power. Only the rich and extremely powerful people like kings, queens, and emperors wore jewellery. Some low quality jewellery was also used by people who weren’t as fortunate as kings and queen. Jewellery items were also used as accessories that brought luck to one’s life. We can see this concept in the modern world as well where wearing certain jewellery items are considered to bring luck and fortune to the wearer.

Origin Of The Word “Jewellery”

The word jewellery comes from Jewel which can be traced back to old Latin word Jocale.  Jocale means plaything in old Latin language. Another account traced the origin of Jewel back to old French word Jouel.

Materials Used In Ancient Jewellery   

In ancient times jewellery was made with elephant and other animal’s teeth, precious stones, shells and other similar items. With time the materials used in jewellery has drastically changed. The materials used in the old days were considered as important and valuable as the materials used today. Precious stones are one of the few items whose prominence in jewellery is the same in the modern world as it was in ancient times.  Use of Bloodstone in the making of modern jewellery is one such example.  Like today, some materials used in jewellery in ancient times were considered more important and more valuable than others. The type of materials and the style of Jewellery differed from region to region and culture to culture.

Jewellery has transformed a lot since the olden days. It has become more unique and creative.  Jewellery symbolizes status and wealth but there are many creative Jewellery items that can do way more than just make your personality dazzle.  Mood rings are an example of such Jewellery items.


How Was Jewellery Made In Ancient Times

Jewellery was usually manufactured with hands in the old days. In ancient times all Jewellery was handcrafted. It wasn’t around until the early 20th century that proper and modernized machines were used to manufacture Jewellery at a large scale. As new and high quality materials like gold and emerald were discovered, having a specialized machine for the manufacturing of Jewellery became necessary. In this modern day and age, you can find a lot of companies that sell ancient style Jewellery. You can find a lot of companies that sell unique and customized Jewellery made out of materials like wood, animal teeth, and other such materials.


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